• Asha Nivas is not only a renowned development centre, but also a training centre with scientific and modern information technologies.

  • There is a team of efficient and experienced trainers in Asha Nivas

  • Training programmes are undertaken for students of social work from within the country and for those from overseas.

  • There are facilities for internship.

  • Training in Personality Development, Human Resource Development and Development of Managerial skills is imparted to the staff of governmental and non-governmental organisations.

  • Asha Nivas maintains a Documentation Centre which is a very good information source on varied themes. International journals, magazines and periodicals are available at the centre for ready reference. Articles and reports on social issues and Professional Development are clipped and stored for reference.



At Asha Nivas, there is a unique blend of both the professional expertise of and the academic excellence for offering the best of learning opportunities for students of various disciplines. The students from the following universities, colleges and departments avail our services for field work, orientation, training and research projects.

  • The National Danish School of Social Work- Aarhus

  • Seminariet  I Esbjerg

  • Hojvang Seminariet-National institute for social Educatiors-Denmark.

  • Ballerup-Seminariet

  • Harderslev Seminarium

  • Gladsaxe Seminariet

  • Kolding Paedagog Seminarium

  • Peter Sabroe Seminariet

  • Ohio State University, U.S.A

  • Schools and departments of social work in the state of  Tamilnadu and all over India. 


School children do need many supportive systems including counselling & guidance. Asha Nivas
offers  school  counselling  service. Our counsellor visits various schools, one or two days in a

week, and offers counselling to the students.

Educational  assessment, early identification and tackling of psychiatric and adjustment problems are undertaken.


Individuals are having problems in many areas of their life. Marital problems, occupational hazards, adjustment   problems,   stress  oriented  disorders,   interpersonal  relationships,   communication
problems are amenable to counselling. Referrals are made wherever required.

Interested schools or persons may contact our department of  Training, Research and Documentation.
              Telephone Numbers    :    2827 9311, 2827 9772

                Fax                           :    2827 8606

                E-mail                        :    ashanivas@vsnl.com