ADDRESS                :     
No. 74 A, Medavakkam Tank Road,
                               Kellys, Chennai - 600 010

SERVICE                  :     Counselling, Custodial Care & Rehabilitation

TARGET GROUP     :     Deserted, destitute, dowry-harassed, distressed and battered  
                               women, ex-prisoners and former commercial sex workers.

Asha Nivas has envisioned the creation of an All Women's Service Centre in the heart of Chennai city, to meet the needs of the women in Chennai's slums as well as its working women. This centre is unique in Chennai, self-sustaining and encompassing all the needs of women in distress. Some of the facilities to be included are a counselling unit, day-care facilities, social-economic and health awareness, skill training in traditional and non-traditional vocations, a clinic, a special and unique 24 hours telephonic "hotline" service for women in distress who need some one to turn to.


To assist women in attaining psychological, economic and financial independence through
offering skill training and in traditional and non-traditional vocations and employment opportunities.

To empower women through the dissemination of information concerning their basic rights
 and freedom

To provide women with the necessary emotional and social support and counselling services during times of difficulty.

To realize women's potential for participation as strong independent, free thinking members of the community in its economic development.

To rehabilitate the socially outcast and exploited women.

To serve as a centre for women who seek shelter in times of emergency and difficult

As can be seen, the project aims to provide short as well as long term solutions to the problems that women face in their everyday life.